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Antonija Osojnik

Real-estate agent at ANEKRETNINE

Antonija has lived abroad in English and French speaking Canadian hive – Montreal. She is very familiar with the service-oriented professions and there she discovered the profession of real-estate agent as ideal for her lively character. She fully understands the constraints of the Croatian market. As a Master of Law, she holds an LL.M. in Law at the University of Zagreb.

Antonija never misses a wider picture. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to local officers or agents, especially if you live abroad. Antonija’s working experience as well as communication in English or French, very quickly opens many doors.

In leisure time Antonija loves spending time in nature where she recharges her batteries. She volunteers for HDNP – a Croatian Society of Independent Professionals. Together they promote the coworking and freelancing community in Croatia. She strongly believes that a business office or a home office is not just a space, but a lifestyle and a place where we spend most of our time, so there, we must feel comfortable and confident.

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