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Nino Ćosić

Owner and real-estate agent at ANEKRETNINE

Nino Ćosić created ANEKRETNINE at the beginning of 2018th, inspired by his own experience. With a marketing and sales background, he looked for a home for a long time, given his specific criteria. He realized the challenges involved in reconciling a busy schedule and conducting an efficient apartment search at the vivid Croatian real-estate market. As an Bachelor of Economics, Nino holds a degree from Economics of Entrepreneurship at VERN’​ University of Applied Sciences.

Words that best describe Nino Cosic are enthusiasm, determination and competence. Wide experience gained in the international ICT industry in marketing, Nino very quickly applied in real-estate field. He negotiates with ease, whether you decide to rent, sell or buy. He is always calm, positive and reachable. In leisure time, Nino travels a lot, always eager to get the most advantageous information and then apply it in his business.

As a representative of generation of young entrepreneurs, he always strives to be innovative and creative, but not losing sight of what’s most important: client’s needs.

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