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A NEKRETNINE (A REALESTATES) –  We’re Local. We’re Global®.

An established agency in the real-estate market, A REALESTATES’s reach extends far beyond the local area through its membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, the largest global community of high quality, independent real estate companies.

Membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, or “LeadingRE”, is awarded only to select, market-leading companies that have demonstrated excellence in service delivery and results.
“In an industry made up of over 100,000 brokerages characterized by dramatically inconsistent service delivery and customer experience, our members set the standard for quality in the markets they serve,” said LeadingRE President/CEO Paul Boomsma. “We take our commitment to quality very seriously, and, as a result, only 20% of the companies that inquire about membership are extended an invitation to affiliate.”

The value of being aligned with LeadingRE, however, is much more than just a discerning third-party endorsement. LeadingRE members have access to world-class resources for marketing, technology and professional development.

Through its membership, A REALESTATES has valuable connections to the best real estate professionals in over 70 countries around the world. These connections bring global exposure and a broader pool of prospective buyers for the homes A REALESTATES represents. And, for those looking for real estate outside of the area, A REALESTATES can provide assistance through LeadingRE’s worldwide network of 565 vetted real estate firms.

“Something we always strive is to be innovative and creative, but not losing sight of what’s most important: client’s needs. In our experience, clients want to keep that authentic Croatian surrounding, but with a new approach to usual buying/selling method.” said Director and Real-estate agent, Nino Ćosić.

While all LeadingRE companies, brokers and sales associates have a shared focus on quality and connections, they are also committed to independence, with distinctive cultures and services that align with the unique needs of the areas they serve.

“All of our firms are deeply rooted in their communities – independently owned, with an uncommon local knowledge that allows them to help clients make better-informed real estate decisions,” Boomsma said.

“For example, business office or a home office is not just a space, but a lifestyle and a place where we spend most of our time, so there, we must feel comfortable and confident. We are also considering global direction of labour market and since we have more and more independent workers, coworking spaces are providing a valuable service to them. Croatia could be a leader in that area with all its beauties, favorable climate and high quality of life.” said our Real-estate agent and Legal consultant Antonija Osojnik.

Through LeadingRE, A REALESTATES combines the best of an authentic, local brand with the worldwide connections and tools that are so vital in today’s global marketplace. Visit https://anekretnine.com/ for more information on A REALESTATES. To learn more about Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, visit www.LeadingRE.com